Saturday, October 22, 2016

"Autumn Prose" ~ Liquid Drum

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per Saturday Night Fever!! We're checking out  "Autumn Prose" ~ Liquid Drum & Bass Mix courtesy of  Oskar Koch. Check out the playlist and the mix! 
 ≣ Tracklist:
00:00 ~ Pola & Bryson - Run From You (feat. Sammie Bella)
04:29 ~ Satl - Ayo
07:58 ~ Ownglow - Angels Sing
11:35 ~ Chromatic - Smile
14:51 ~ Satl & Malaky - Sleepless Nights
18:08 ~ ALB feat. Nexus & Tight - City Blues
22:00 ~ Synox & Psyko Konceptor - The Sky
23:45 ~ Dave Owen - Our Little Secret (feat. Dorsh)
26:57 ~ Dawn Wall - I See You
28:07 ~ Lenzman ft. Martyna Baker - Paper Faces (Ivy Lab Remix)
29:58 ~ Moby - In This World (Kubix Remix)
33:07 ~ Dawn Wall - You Remember
34:05 ~ Ivy Lab, Hydro - Make It Clear (ft. Frank Carter III & Lucy Annika)
37:00 ~ Artemis - Elysian Fields
41:00 ~ LTJ Bukem - Atlantis
44:24 ~ Daze - Grevillia

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: "Autumn Prose" ~ Liquid Drum


Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Saturday Night Fever! We're checking out the PURPLE DISCO MACHINE in The Lab LA  Mixmag. Check out the playlist and the mix. Let's Go!!

01. Purple Disco Machine - Walls (Original Mix)

02. ? 

03. Jonny Sender - Disco Touch 

04. Purple Disco Machine - Street Life

05. Phil Fuldner - Bus Stop 

06. Ninetoes vs. Fatboy Slim - Finder (Hope)

07. Groove Is In The Heart - Deee-Lite 

08. Purple Disco Machine - Drumatic

09. Dry & Bolinger - Deep Lovin 

10. Purple Disco Machine & Lorenz Rhode - Birds 

11. Phats & Small - Turn Around (Norman Cook Remix) 

12. Two Door Cinema Club - Bad Decisions (Purple Disco Machine Remix) 

13. ? 

14. Ray Parker Jr And Raydio - Still In The Groove 

15. ? 16. Purple Disco Machine - Yo

17. Dave Lambert vs. Elektrokid - Funkytown 

18. Daft Punk - Harder Better Faster Stronger (Breakers Break Remix) 

19. Aeroplane & Purple Disco Machine - Sambal 

20. Sister Sledge - Lost In Music (Dimitri From Paris Remix)

Friday, October 21, 2016

Twilight House - Deep Jazzy House Mix (2016)

Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Friday!! It's the weekend baby!! We're trying to get in the right frame of mind, listening to this Twilight House - Deep Jazzy House Mix (2016) courtesy of DJ Dimsa - Living Lounge . Check out the playlist and the mix. 

01 00:00 Fabrizio Marra & Haldo - Sensation (Moe Turk Remix)

02 05:47 Maestra and Cabal - Escuchame mi amor

03 10:43 Miguel Migs - What Do You Want (feat Meshell Ndegeocello)

04 15:35 Unknown - debonair your love

05 19:55 Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell - If This World Were Mine (Dalminjo Remix)

06 28:15 Mor Elian - U Don't Know ft Will Sabatini

07 34:39 Thomas Stiller & Ali Cash - Love Supreme

08 40:37 Djazzy - Puzzled (Kruse & Nuernberg remix)

09 46:08 DJ T. Feat. Cari Golden - City Life (Maya Jane Coles Remix)

10 51:54 Adagio - full of grace (yost monk remix)

Defected In The House Radio Show 21.10.16 Guest Mix For The Love Of House

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! what it do? Flashback / Freaky Friday is the venue…

It’s the weekend baby!! act like you knew!! we hit the masses with this feedback, letting them know the saga / struggle continues…

The outlook? a bleak one for some, the music will play to uplift the masses!! this is how we’re putting it down!!

The outlook? winning streaks / losing streaks? they’re dealt with when we’re all up in the sound..

We’re all up in the house listening to Defected In The House Radio Show 21.10.16 Guest Mix For The Love Of House..

Check out the playlist and the mix!! breakbeat science is dropped when we’re all up in the house!!

01. Black Motion featuring Xoli M – Rainbow (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix) [Defected]
02. Crookers featuring Mike City – Get My Mind Right [Defected]
03. Runaround – Runaround (Scott Diaz Warehouse Jam) [Country Club Disco]
04. Sonny Fodera featuring Janai – You & I [Defected]
05. Luca Cazal featuring S L F – A Thing Called J [Classic]
06. Emanuel Satie vs Roberto Rodriguez featuring Max C – Ride Your Body (Sabb Afterdark Mix) [DFTD]
07. Reinier Zonneveld featuring Cari Golden – Things We Might Have Said [Stil Vor Talent]
08. MOST RATED: D.General featuring Samantha Lake – Because I Love You (Original Mix) [Vibe Boutique]
09. Dennis Ferrer – Maniac 3000 [Objektivity]
10. Whitesquare – Delysid [DFTD] + Spencer K & Matt Sassari – Isuly (Emanuel Satie Accapella) [DFTD]
11. FOR THE LOVE OF HOUSE: Mousse T. – More I Get [Peppermint Jam]
12. Eli Escobar – So Good [Classic]
13. FINAL CUT: Harrison Crump featuring Tierra Nevaeh – No More Lies (Sonny Fodera Vocal) [Defected]

Defected In The House Radio Show 21.10.16 Guest Mix For The Love Of House | Whats Really Going On?

Soul Deeper Vol. 7 (Deep

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per this Flashback / Freaky Friday; you can do it any way you wanna per Peoples Choice...
Whatcha know?  the saga / struggle continues, my mind flashes back to victories and defeats that made me who I am today, but not the people's choice...
Some are caught up with those more flashy, then if they have a question they wanna ask me!! maybe I should start charging penalties and fees..
Chilling out in the lab will be the move after Outback Chronicles were the move yesterday; outback raking leaves and trimming trees...
Sonic smash and grabs are initiated; peace!! it's all good!! we just go deeper into the sound, breakbeat science we kick..
Listening to  Soul Deeper Vol. 7 (Deep & Soulful House Mix)  courtesy of eXogroove : check out the playlist and the mix...

Yousef feat. Alexander East - Think Twice (Fred Everything Lazy Vox Remix)

Carl Creme - My Lovin (Speedboats, Big Explosions Remix)

Polyphonics, Hasina Sheik - Nitelites (Seamus Haji Remix)

Dennis Ferrer feat. Danil Wright - Church Lady (Original Mix)

Harrison Crump feat. Tierra Nevaeh - No More Lies (Sonny Fodera Vocal)

Deep City Groove - My Mind (Original Mix)

Ziggy Funk, Tess Leah - Thankful (Main Mix)

Camouflage - Groovin' Fate (Original Mix)

Leftwing & Kody - You Were (Original Mix)

Michele McCain - Keep On Reachin (Rik-Art, Twisted Mind, Mix)

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Soul Deeper Vol. 7 (Deep

What's The Mood Dude? PT.8

Side-eyes / sideway glances were received; it's as if jokers wanted to ask; what's the mood dude?

Prize pursuits have some taking chances, facing charges like Rick Pitino as Katina Powell type haters multi-task, wet and dry snitching!!  the behavior was rude..

Sometimes the behavior was lewd like Donald Trump's posted up on bully pulpits and stumps waxing poetic...

Behavior reminded me of a grown up Lumpy Rutherford from Leave It To Beaver bullying  the Cleaver boys, justice will be poetic..

O-Zone?  life is hectic, that's whats up with it!!  back in the day? I tried to dip through in the Olds Delta 88 with slick tires,  plus it was leaking oil.

Shadetree mechanics said I needed rings in the engine, but I'm Intergalactic out beyond Saturn's Rings mentioned by Ernest Gonzalez; Out There, standing alone against the world!! a by product of my behavior / my strife /my toil?

What's the mood dude?  a dude does his thing, I act like I knew!! I changed my life!! seeds are planted in fertile soil.

Bear witness to this harvest...from secret gardens...maybe even the one Quincy Jones and Barry White talked about!! going all out!! on the stove the pot will boil.

Some know what the deal is!! I didn't have to ask them what's the mood dude, I can see what they're going through...

Some know what the real is!! oh!! it's like fighting ISIS, claiming victory in Mosul but then we're under attack in Kirkuk, so what it do? 

What's the mood dude? there's always something, presidential pardons will not stop the madness...

What's the mood dude? on this Flashback / Freaky Friday we bring this soul food!! we're back with this...


Thursday, October 20, 2016

Monstercat Podcast Ep. 125 (Jauz’s Road To ADE Mix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues!! For some of the best electro, house music, trap music and drum and bass we're listening to Monstercat Podcast Ep. 125 (Jauz’s Road To ADE Mix). Check out the playlist and the mix.
 ▼ Tracklist
00:42 Rogue - Nemesis
05:02 Aero Chord x Tylor Maurer - Gone
08:11 Stephen Walking - Hey [Monstercat Exclusive]
11:25 Tokyo Machine - FIGHT [Monstercat Spotlight]

[Jauz’s Road To ADE Mix]
14:38 Jauz & Pegboard Nerds - Get On Up
16:38 Tokyo Machine - PARTY
20:01 Stephen Walking - Motions
23:08 Slushii - Emptiness
26:36 Jauz x San Holo - OK!
30:02 Going Quantum & Stephen Walking - Full Grizzly
33:34 Varien & SirensCeol - Moonlight (feat. Aloma Steele) [Monstercat Throwback]
37:30 Tut Tut Child - Don’t Push Me
42:05 Pegboard Nerds & NGHTMRE - Superstar (feat. Krewella)
45:16 Droptek - Vice
49:13 Tristam & Stephen Walking - Too Simple
53:52 DotEXE - Hipster Cutthroat
57:49 Marshmello - Alone

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Monstercat Podcast Ep. 125 (Jauz’s Road To ADE Mix)

Simstah – Take Me Back (Blendits Audio)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues!! We’re getting into some drum and bass from Simstah with a smooth track called  Take Me Back (Blendits Audio). Let’s Go!!
Simstah – Take Me Back (Blendits Audio) | Whats Really Going On?

The Outback Chronicles (The Back At Home Edition)

 Check out these Outback Chronicles, it's based on being outback raking leaves. 

Posted up, back at home!! I was on Wordpress,  you heard this? I'm not out of it!!  a fake one deceives. 

Posted up like Donald Trump? stop the press!! he's talking about rigged elections!!  I pumped brakes at these intersections. 

...From Atlanta on I-20 and Candler Road to Charlotte, I-85 and Beatties Ford Road!! me and the #badhombres spark insurrections. 
No time for Trump and a nasty woman, I'm in survival mode!! I'm  outback in a section of my yard, where as soon as I rake leaves more will fall. 

Reality thumps us upside the head like the Gap Band; out of it?  no cousin!!  I still go hard,  even though a fake one believes I'll take a fall. 

Check out the rest of this article at   Random Thoughts From A Brotha: The Outback Chronicles (The Back At Home Edition)

What's The Mood Dude PT.7 (Throwback / Thirsty Thursday Edition)

It's going down on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday; I mentioned the motivation, fueled by being hungry and thirsty..

Retro-futuristic, I go back and move forward!! somebody asked, what's the mood dude? I told them I'm trying to get somebody to work with me...

Let it go, you missed it I was told!! what's good? somebody said it was rigged like Trump per the election..

From the get go? I stayed in survival mode / riding for freedom mode!! beats thump in the hooptie while parked at the intersection..

 From the get go? survival mode was like Aleppo!! my arrival  delayed due to information overload?  somebody asked what's the mood dude?  check out the response to those and these!!

Chilling out, dipped back to the community!! I'm up in Chamblee / Doraville Georgia outside of Atlanta  with the so called #badhombres.  

....As we get with you!! using our Diplomatic Immunity, God will bless understand me? others may have lost it, it's real serious, but some take it too serious.

That can be detrimental, as some get accosted trying to dip through, guns will slip through like the fast and furious.

But that can be detrimental!! what's the mood dude? curiosity killed the cat up on the pole!! damn!! he was caught on a live wire.

O-Dog used an instrumental to let you know what's good!!  he'll shoot it before the shot clock expires.

Smoke / fog enhanced by mirrors penetrated by live wires / hot mics per Billy Bush and Donald Trump?  

No joke!! I looked in mirrors while posted up in glass houses so I'm not judging!!  lost me while pimping like Bill Clinton or dipping like Hillary with Vince Foster!! what's the mood dude? some folks minds are in the dump...

What's the mood dude? reigns of terror made it hard for some of us to get over the hump!!

What's the mood dude? we're out here dropping this breakbeat science but we're not like  Rodrigo Duterte, on a bully pulpit or stump.

What's the mood dude? scores are dropping as questions on the multiple choice test of life stump my constituents..

What's the mood dude? on this Throwback / Thirsty Thursday toil and strife is on the menu, still dealing with it...

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Inner City – Do You Love What You Feel

 Digital Crate Digging Continues per the HumpDay Extravaganza!! We’re listening to this classic soul music / house music from Inner City with a track called Do You Love What You Feel. Let’s Go!!

Inner City – Do You Love What You Feel | Whats Really Going On?

Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.6

 Like I've mentioned before per this concept,  I'm standing alone against the world. 

I paid attention even though I'm broke, no profits from being slick like Haliburton; my kind are hurting!!  it's like I'm in Mosul against ISIS,  where the drama unfurled. 

Dipping!! running curl and wheel routes like Julio Jones,  but Richard Sherman types were in the way.

 "Go fast and Sherm hypes" weren't needed!!  rolling like Usain Bolt or a liar struck by a lightning bolt;  ready to roll, we're on our way. 

Pimping with a perm / gators and polyester suit with that Detroit style? no, that's the wrong dial!! I'm on my own like Michael McDonald and Patti LaBelle. 

Big Worm?  naw!!  but lessons learned when everything's not working!! blocked like Wikileaks  Julian Assange's internet access!! stressed, so we can fail?

Check out the rest of this article at  Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.6

What's The Mood Dude? PT.6 (The HumpDay Extravaganza)

 Once again it's on; another HumpDay Extravaganza is here; somebody asked me, what's the mood dude?

O-Zone? somebody might understand a brotha but my peeps are under attack like ISIS in Mosul; the mood is subdued..

In this zone? check the crisis, somebody might just knock your hustle!!  it'll be like Ecuador pulling the plug on Julian Assange's internet connection...

We felt the pressure from so called higher sources, Judge Judy types won't grant reality divorces!! but of course this dude still pumps the Mothership Connection.. Parliament; why were jokers starting it? they search for perfection from Charlotte to Las Vegas per the Presidential Debate!!

We're in the heart of it!! in North Carolina its Richard Burr vs Deborah Ross; in Georgia  alleged KKK member Johnny Isakson vs Jim Barksdale; tonight we'll hear Trump and Clinton express the hate....

What's the mood dude? things have tightened up, but it's not Archie Bell and The Drells from Houston Texas!! shadetree mechanics are spotted with wrenches.

What's the mood dude? we continue to to set sail!! I-10 meandering out in Houston Texas rolling behind the Lexus with Texas plates that was doing a 100!!  refusing to fail, check these mathematics!! we're spotted in the trenches.

Coming through in the clutch, a cinch with this HumpDay Extravaganza!! ways and means like Charles Rangel!! working an angle!! bringing  this good word and the brand new funk...

What's the mood dude? brothas working it out like Willie Hutch, the fast break is finished with a dunk.

What's the mood dude? The Brotha O-Dog is Working it all out, bringing the Sonic Assault!! staying on point, purging our souls!! to some it might be beneficial

What's the mood dude?  we're going all out!!  this is word from veterans now coaching!! please!! we've been official.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Ronny Jordan With I.G. Culture ‎– Get To Grips

 It's Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, what's the perspective? at the end of the day? Digital Crate Digging Continues!!

Let the music play! we'll put it all in perspective after being disrespected!! the saga / struggle continues!!

Jazz funk / hip hop are on these menus!! the area is disinfected!! some actually thought this was mamby-pamby land...

These menus are real, excuse me it's not what one expected!! a chain reaction / reflex per the hostile territory / land..

What's the deal? jokers disrespect and loot the culture!! pain was the reaction, into the abyss one slips...

What's the deal? we're listening to  Ronny Jordan With I.G. Culture , remixed – "Little" Louie Vega! they said  Get To Grips

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ronny Jordan With I.G. Culture ‎– Get To Grips

Deadbeats - Funky For You (Dorfmeister vs. Madrid De Los Austrias Redefinition)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Terrible / Terrific Tuesday: what's the perspective? Maybe Deadbeats with a track called Funky For You (Dorfmeister vs. Madrid De Los Austrias Redefinition) will help you get your mind right. Check it out!!


Willie Bobo – Fried Neckbones and Some Home Fries (Dan The Automator Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues!! Oh yes!! it’s Terrible / Terrific Tuesday; all my people will have their own perspective…

Positive? negative? what it do? what it does? so how are my people trying to live?

Funk is what we’ve got to give, chilling out in the lab plotting and scheming on a sonic smash and grab..

It’s all good!! no damage will be done, as we try to stay on the one with the Master’s will, these sounds are part of the spiritual rehab..

It’s all hood!! similar to Willie Bobo with Fried Neckbones and Some Home Fries (Dan The Automator Remix)

It’s all hood!! whatcha know about it? O-Zone is all about the truth no lies, breakbeat science a bruh kicks!!

Willie Bobo – Fried Neckbones and Some Home Fries (Dan The Automator Remix) | Whats Really Going On?

Willie Bobo - Spanish Grease (Dorfmeister Con Madrid De Los Austrias Muga Reserva Mix)

 Digital Crate Digging Continues on this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday, so what's the perspective, positive or negative?

Haters talk about rigging elections like Trump while this music will play / thump; that's how I'm trying to live...

Sonic drive bys!! I dump on these intersections with the Sonic Assault, check the steady bombardment of the enemy position...

Jazz, funk, house music, hip hop, trap music, drum and bass? whatever, this dude will get with them...

Somebody asked whatcha know /  what's the mood dude? I'm not defending myself like Richard Sherman I keep putting work in...

Listening to Willie Bobo with Spanish Grease (Dorfmeister Con Madrid De Los Austrias Muga Reserva Mix) this is how it's working..
Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Willie Bobo - Spanish Grease (Dorfmeister Con Madrid De Los Austrias Muga Reserva Mix)

What's The Mood Dude? PT.5 (Terrible / Terrific Tuesday Edition)

It's another Terrible / Terrific Tuesday so what's the perspective? Positive? Negative? 

They ask me; what's the mood dude?  they want to know how I'm trying to live!!

Excuse the attitude, nothing cute about this!!  it's truth or reality as we know it. 

Excuse the mood? please!! these Wells Fargo types will  loot the treasury, they'll go for it!! 

Excuse the rude?  Hillary Clinton / State Department and FBI with the quid pro quo? 

Excuse the George Clinton Atomic Dog state of affairs!! O-Dog is rolling, he's out there!! from the ATL to Charlotte and beyond that funk is dropped like a pro.

Excuse the flow,  it'll be interrupted!!  were affairs rigged like elections per Donald Trump?

Excuse the flow, going for what I know!!  no time for pimping like Donald Trump.

Melania Trump will stand by her man per Tammy Wynette while I'm trying to get over it! what?  the hump!!  not dropping knowledge like Franklin Graham

...Trying to tell some how to vote in a slick kind of way;  reflected on while dipping down Billy Graham Parkway in Charlotte;  damn! 

What's The Mood Dude? peeped game at the Billy Graham Library and United House of Prayer on Beatties Ford Road;  visited per the I-85 Chronicles.

What's The Mood Dude? creeped up in the game even though thought and fashion police, plus pseudo-intellectuals damned me if I did or didn't; you know the devil will oppose. 

What's The Mood Dude?  sonic assaults are unleashed!!  no fashion of a wannabe hustler / pimp with suede Pumas dipping from the scene of a crime. 

What's The Mood Dude?  this is like the Clash Of the Titans!! the masses a dude enlightens, but wishing it was a simple thing as I go for mine. 

A hood type of dude, an outside the boxer dropping these insights plus I'm trying to rock ya...

What's the attitude per this Terrible / Terrific Tuesday? jokers act brand new with me and you!! trying to get your hustle on? they'll knock ya..

Monday, October 17, 2016

Nicola Conte - Bossa Per Due (Thievery Corporation Remix)

Digital Crate Digging Continues per Music Monday; We're checking out some jazzdance / future jazz from Nicola Conte with Bossa Per Due (Thievery Corporation Remix). Let's Go!!


Defected In The House Radio Show 14.10.16 Guest Mix Crookers

Digital Crate Digging Continues per the Music Monday spectrum.

Who’s digging the ongoing hating? my peeps are in need of Monday Motivation..

Who’s triggering all the drama in the world / nation? it’s going down from The ATL to fighting ISIS in Mosul…

Who’s rigging it per Trump? Oh yes!! the drama unfurled!! these jokers will play with your soul…

Beat will thump after jokers disrespected us all in the house!! we’ll try to fix it in the mix..

Beats thump per Defected In The House Radio Show 14.10.16 Guest Mix Crookers, check out the playlist and the mix…

1. Emanuel Satie vs Roberto Rodriguez featuring Max C ‘Ride Your Body’ (Sabb Afterdark Mix) [DFTD]
2. D.General ‘Because I Love You’ (Original Mix) [Vibe Boutique Records]
3. Sandy Rivera ‘YEAH’ [Defected Records]
4. The Deepshakerz ‘Believe in the World’ [Mother Recordings]
5. Yousef ‘Beg’ (Hot Since 82 Future Mix) [Defected Records]
6. Joeski featuring E-Man ‘Clap Yo Handz’ [Defected Records]
7. MOST RATED: Black Motion featuring Xoli M ‘Rainbow’ (DJ Spen & Michele Chiavarini Remix) [Defected Records]
8. Groove Armada ‘Superstylin’’ (Riva Starr Edit) [Snatch! Records]
9. Cuebur featuring Marissa Guzman ‘No Doubt’ (Shlomi Aber Blacklive Version) [Soul Candi Records]
10. FOR THE LOVE OF HOUSE: Julien Jabre ‘Voodance’ [Defected Records]
11. Renegade Masters ‘Don’t Be Shy’ (Man Without A Clue Mix)
12. Grand Corporation featuring Jeremy Glenn ‘Wonder & Amazement’ (Deetron Vocal) [Classic Music Company]
13. FINAL CUT: Sandy Rivera ‘You Work Hard For Your Enemy’ [Dirty Soul Records]

Defected In The House Radio Show 14.10.16 Guest Mix Crookers | Whats Really Going On?

Standing Alone Against The World PT.5

Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Out There: Standing Alone Against The World PT.5:  It's rough out here in these zones!! The brotha O-Zone is not going to lie about it!!  But once again it's on!!  we're winnin...

I-85 Chronicles (Once Again, We're Carolina Cruising)

Check out these I-85 Chronicles!! we're  Carolina Cruising!! we're back at the scene of the crime. 

The response to these in those? things were out of control per the  Charlotte protests; winning?  losing?  reality is bruising and battering my kind. 

From the ATL to Charlotte and all points beyond we're in the heart of it! the pain is felt! 

...Plus gamblers out for a fast buck we're slick with it per Trump and a rigged election!! some are paying for bad cards that are dealt. 

Ramblers off at the mouth mentioned bad luck like Julio Jones gaffled by Richard Sherman but we continue working!! we roll through these zones!! the I-85 Chronicles are similar to my I-20 interpretations.

Ramblers off at the mouth mentioned Jerry Jones should keep Dak Prescott in the lineup per their instigations..

We're handling business down south in these danger zones!! home of Dred Scott Decisions leading to Nat Turner / Nate Parker's Birth Of A Nation..

These days? drama goes down from Candler Road in Decatur to  Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte mentioned in publications. 

Checked the situations;  my peeps were rolling down Candler Road in Decatur and  Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte in  Donks, Boxes and Bubbles!!  spotted the old school "Stankin Lankins"  rolling on 26's. 

Checked the situations;  fast food joints  / liquor stores  / check cashing places lined the strips. 

Uptown Charlotte?  Wells Fargo strips officers of stripes like Chuck Connors in Branded. 

Down I-26 in Charleston?  Keith Lamont Scott was funeralized while up in Lake Norman Donald Trump was storming after private jets landed. 

The drama was starting and actually continues in the Carolinas, surprising some like struggles by the Carolina Panthers..

A brotha? soon departing,  rolling back to the ATL per this breakbeat scientific business; somebody might understand us..

The mothership will land us back on this ATL planet; blessings taken for granted? I'm trying to maintain focus..

A brotha gets scientific as I repel the attack; pain is introduced by the bogus...

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Incognito – The World Is Mine

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We’re listening to some soul jazz from  Incognito with a track called The World Is Mine.  Check out the players and the track..
Incognito – The World Is Mine | Whats Really Going On?

Ronnie Foster - Night Life + Festival Do Brasil

 Sunday Jazz Continues!! We're listening to some jazz funk from keyboardist  Ronnie Foster with Night Life + Festival Do Brasil. He gets help on the drums from Harvey Mason. These are two tracks from his album The Racer. Check it out!!
Random Thoughts From A Brotha: Ronnie Foster - Night Life Festival Do Brasil

Fats Theus - Check It Out

Sunday Jazz Continues!! We're listening to some soul jazz from Fats Theus with a track called Check It Out!! Check out the players and the track..